About Us


EP Claims is an independent insurance services firm providing the industry with professional, highly qualified licensed personnel skilled in the industry and supported by experienced management.  We are driven by the knowledge that policyholders are counting on our services to begin putting their lives back together after a loss.  Our goal is to help our clients turn their insureds into lifelong customers.


EP Claims knows the difference in the required investigation and documentation between daily claims and those resulting from catastrophic losses.  We invest time in our resources to recruit and train adjusters who know the differences and have strong investigative skills.  Our goal is to work with your teams to fully understand the needs you have and then implement solutions that will stand out and make the process seamless for your staff.


EP Claims has a strong team of experienced file reviewers that work around the clock to ensure a technically sound work product is delivered to your desk staff on each claim.  Every aspect of the claim file is reviewed in detail and completed in a timely manner to ensure that the policyholder is not delayed during their claims experience.  We take pride in delivering a high quality work product and using the information we learn during the Q&A process to train and work with our team to constantly improve.


From our executive staff to our claims management team, we have built a staff of strong industry experts who have been through multiple catastrophic events.  Our staff has a diverse mixture of backgrounds from independent adjusting to experience as senior level management executives at large national carriers.  We pride ourselves on working the claims process in a carrier mindset in order to make sure that what matters to you most is covered within every claim.  


EP Claims will work with you to thoroughly understand your needs and help design program solutions while consistently keeping expenses in line.  We have a long history of building solutions that work and help drive production and customer service.


We are highly selective and want to work with partners that we feel are a good fit.  In your time of need, you can rest assured that we have not over committed ourselves to other clients and will be sending you a less than promised product.