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EP Claims is an independent insurance services firm providing the industry with professional, highly qualified licensed personnel skilled in the industry and supported by experienced management.  We are driven by the knowledge that policyholders are counting on our services to begin putting their lives back together after a loss.  Our goal is to help our clients turn their insureds into lifelong customers.

Providing Solutions That Secure Lifelong Customer Satisfaction

What We Offer

Our Services

Desk Adjusting

Our experienced team of desk adjusters have processed over 130K+ claims over the past 5 years

Field Operations

Our strong team of field adjusters excel at delivering best-in-class service to all policyholders

Emergency Services

Through our experience and vast network of qualified roofers, we bring solutions that streamline the tarping process

Call Center

Our call center solutions, customizable to your needs, ensure policyholders receive exceptional service

Claims Triage

Our client management solution instantly connects with policyholders to obtain loss data and triage an event

Find out more about how EP Claims Services can provide you with solutions to serve your customers with qualified and personalized claim management.

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Customer Care

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Field Operations

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Tarp Services

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